Fulbright Scholarship 2022 - Process And Eligibility Criteria

Fulbright Scholarship 2022 - Process And Eligibility Criteria
If you want to study for a Master’s or PhD in the US, then Fulbright scholarship 2022 is a good option. Fulbright scholarships 2022 are currently open that provide you to pursue a higher degree in the US. This article will guide you with the process and eligibility criteria for Fulbright Scholarship 2022.

What is a Fulbright scholarship 2022?

Fulbright scholarship 2022 is a fully-funded golden opportunity for studying in the US. This scholarship is only available for obtaining higher degrees of master’s and PhD in the US. Since 1946, the US has been providing Fulbright scholarships. Students from over 155 countries can get a Master’s and PhD degree under this scholarship program. The aim behind providing scholarships is to assist young, talented and passionate students with the help of the monetary grant. This monetary grant helps in pursuing higher degrees from one of the world's developed economies, the US. With the help of Fulbright scholarship 2022, students can conduct world-class research in the US. The period of this merit-based scholarship ranges from two to five years.

What does the Fulbright Scholarship 2022 Entail?

Academic experts of The Academic Papers UK have told that Fulbright scholarship 2022 covers almost every financial need of a student in the US. It provides a full-tuition fee waiver, a living stipend and free accommodation. Also, it covers health insurance as well as provides free airfares. Importantly, it provides a monthly stipend of $2000.

When Did Applications for Fulbright Scholarship 2022 Start?

Applications for Fulbright scholarship 2022 commenced from February every year. Application processes come to an end in May. The scrutiny of the application process continues till September. The results of these applications are announced in the mid of October of the following year. After selecting a suitable candidate, the university’s submission and placement process continues till February. The final interviews take place in June. The eligible candidates move to the US from July onwards.

Process of Fulbright Scholarship 2022

Candidates should follow the process for getting Fulbright Scholarship 2022 as described below:

Make an Online Application

Candidates can make an online application by meeting the requirements of the Fulbright Scholarship 2022. They should fill the application in a true and honest way.

Provide Academic Transcripts and degrees

Candidates should provide with their respective transcripts and degrees to concerned authorities. They will review them and identify the candidate's interests in studying different subjects.

Get a Report of GRE and TOEFL Test

A candidate needs to submit a GRE and TOEFL test report. A decent test score for engineering and science subjects is 320+. For other academic disciplines, 310+ is perfect as well.

Prepare two Essays

An applicant should write two simple essays with each comprises of 800 words. The candidate should write them in the space as provided in the application.

Arrange Three recommendation Letters

Applicants should submit three recommendation letters along with the application to concerned authorities. Recommendation letters may be from two professional and one academic individual, or they may be two academic and one professional.

Prepare academic Resume

An up-to-date and correct academic resume should be attached to the application form.

Submit an Application

An applicant should review all the details and information before submitting the application.

What Is The Eligibility Criterion Of Candidates For The Fulbright Scholarship 2022?

For Fulbright Scholarship 2022 the criteria for Masters and PhD programs is different. The details of eligibility criteria are as follows:

For Master’s Degree

Eligible candidates must have either four years Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (16 years of Education). All the education must be from a credible university or an institute. Recent graduates are encouraged to apply. Students who have recently completed Masters in Public Administration (MBA) or Public/Policy Administration are not encouraged to apply. The reason is that these two disciplines require two years of experience either in the public or private sector.

For PhD Degree

Eligible candidates for PhD programme must have 18 years of education from a reputable university. The students will be preferred who have experience in research, teaching or in any public sector of their domain.

Academic Disciplines

All academic disciplines are encouraged to apply for the Fulbright scholarship 2022. The only academic discipline that cannot apply is "clinical medicine".

Graduate Record Examination (GRE General) Test

The GRE test is mandatory in making students eligible for the Fulbright scholarship 2022. The test comprises of two sections verbal as well as the quantitative section. The test score carries 400 marks. The minimum test score is 138 marks in the verbal section of the test. On the other hand, the quantitative section requires 136 for passing the test.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

A candidate applying for Fulbright scholarship 2022 must possess high fluency in the English language. The fluency is in both writings as well as in speaking the English Language. For this, TOEFL test needs to be passed by the respective candidate.

What is meant by “Cross-cultural Exchange” in Fulbright scholarship 2022?

All eligible candidates going for Fulbright scholarship 2022 should share their home culture and language. They should share them with the US colleagues and communities there. The students are expected to get back to their respective countries. The students who are returning back to their countries after completing Fulbright scholarship 2022 should share US culture and language. They should share them with their country fellows. It is assumed that successful candidates will hold leadership positions in their fields.

Why There Is A Need To Sign A Contract With USEFP and Higher Education Commission?

All eligible and successful candidates need to sign a contract with the respective higher education commission. The aim behind signing a contract is to ensure that these students will return to their home country upon completing a degree. The contract is redeemable every year as long as the student enjoys the Fulbright scholarship 2022.

Final Thoughts

Fulbright scholarship 2022 is sponsored by the US. The aim is to exchange higher educational programs and cultures between 155 countries worldwide. Every candidate is eligible for the Fulbright scholarship 2022, irrespective of any differences.

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