Neo-Racism and Discrimination: Causes and Effects


Causes and Effects


Racism and neo-racism are common in foreign lands. Most people falling prey to racial discrimination belong to Asia, Mexico, Middle East, Africa, and Spain. Many people with brown skin face the challenge of discrimination. They do not have equal opportunities to work in the foreign countries. Workplace racism causes a reduction in the performance rate. Even racial discrimination has found its way into the educational institutes. Neo-racism starts at the school level with kids calling names and teasing each other. Many reports of bullying at schools with racial comments are also seen. The current era is facing a large lack of moral values. This leads to the evolution of many ills within society.

What is neo-racism?

It is a theory of segregating people based on their colour and origin. The people who face racist comments and actions are in minority in that area. Racism can be in the form of negative, hatred speech, as well as action. The director of cheap essay writing service firm, sometimes the extreme anger may lead the person to lethal actions.

Discrimination is the same thing. For example, an Asian person goes to the restaurant and he is the only brown person there. He will be facing stares from people for sure. People will think of him as an outsider, or a suspicious person.

This racism and discrimination have been in the history of humankind. Especially since the ‘colour’ and ‘white’ segregations came to be.

Causes of Neo-racism


Culture shapes the minds and perspectives of people living in a community. The people living in an area share similar thoughts, and opinions on various events. Their surroundings develop their mindset. Culture is not only taught by words that are adapted from the surroundings. It can include things that are being practiced at your house. A racist parent will transfer his hate to his child. This has continued the cycle of racism since colonial times. Let’s go a little back in the time of '70s. The social structure had discriminatory signs in every place. The place of drinking water was also marked for the white people, and those of colour. The black people of African origins faced this discrimination for many years. It still has its roots in society to some extent. It may not be as clear, but many cultures in the west still practice it.

White supremacy perspective:

Western countries have had a notion for ages about white supremacy. They think that only white people have the authority to rule the world. They should be the administrates, and leading people. The rest of the world should obey as they command. This was once the thinking of old kings of the western world. It has a different shape now, but it still exists within the society. The death of George Floyd triggered anti-racist strikes. Most people started considering the equality of cultural practice. But still, you will see evident racial discrimination at the workplace.

Journalism and mass media:

Journalism is one of the main causes of increasing racial feelings amongst people. Western journalism promotes a one-sided view of the information. The politics of impure journalism often cause people of different ethnicities to suffer. The easy access to mass media and internet services add to the cause. People get all types of information online, but they don’t know that most of it is fake. The inability of the population to identify true information adds to this aspect. This is because it creates false perceptions. Such misconceptions are common among western people.

Negative ethnicity events:

There are some real triggering factors in some ethnicities. Terrorism was once associated with the Muslim world. But at the same time, misconceptions built in the minds of people cause them to react differently. People assume one event as the act of all people belonging to that ethnicity.

Fear or anger:

Sometimes it is the fear that causes them to act aggressively. The fear of the unknown makes people make irrational decisions. But it does not justify their extreme actions. Racial events are the personal choices triggered by feelings of fear or anger.

Mental Health of people:

The devastated mental health of some people can make it difficult for them to understand. The ability of a normal, and personal opinion is devoid in these cases. Such people feel intense anger and frustration. You can see it on their faces. This is because they get flushed on racial events. Such people cannot even bear the thought of being close to people of other ethnicities. This is a mental condition that needs psychological attention.

Social disparity:

It is often seen that week people are being oppressed. Ethnicities in the western country are minorities. Their weak background support makes them prey to such racial discriminations. The societies with less literacy rate, poverty, and other ills of self-consciousness appear as racial. Such people have no opinion of their own. That is why they follow the masses.

Effects of racial discrimination

The effects of racial discrimination are very evident in society. These are highlighted as follows;

  • It makes it difficult for people of different ethnicities to live in foreign countries.
  • The international students face immense backlash at educational institutes.
  • The workplace opportunities become limited for people of different ethnicities.
  • Constant stress, and fear of violation causes immense depression and health issues in the minorities.
  • It creates a sense of isolation in people.
  • Justice is not transparent for such people.
  • Political discrimination can cause life-threatening problems for people of colour.
  • It will also increase the feeling of hatred amongst people.
  • It can also create a problem of law and order.
  • The crime rate could increase within communities against such people.
  • The issues of living, housing, accommodation, and education become common among ethnicities.
  • Hatred towards the native people also increases in general.


Neo-racism, discrimination, as well as general racism has been in society for ages. According to the coursework writing services firm, it creates unrest within the societal structure. The improper division of opportunities causes a feeling of hatred. This dedication of institutional racism affects young minds, and increases the cases of violence as well. The causes behind the racial thoughts include illiteracy, poverty, and social ills. The cultural education for discrimination has strong roots. It affects the psychological, and physical health of people. Their means of education and earning get compromised as well.

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